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Membership Information

Some of the biggest spenders in Bismarck-Mandan are from out of town! Does your business get its share?

The Bismarck-Mandan Convention and Visitors Bureau (BMCVB) is the official visitor promotion organization for the area. Our main focus is sharing information with potential visitors about all the wonderful things they can do in our area. So, no matter what your business is, our business is promoting your business. Since we promote all our member businesses in Bismarck and Mandan, the better each individual business does, the better they all do. Spoiler alert: It’s working.  
We “sell” Bismarck-Mandan, and in doing so, can also help “sell” your business. That’s why so many businesses and individuals have come together to support and promote Bismarck-Mandan by joining the Convention and Visitors Bureau

Why join the BMCVB? Dollars into our community equal dollars into our member businesses.

You Member Benefits Include:
  • Receive the “Insight” newsletter, published monthly, which serves as our main communication with members. Editions highlight news, activities and events associated with meeting & event planners, tradeshows, membership, Familiarization (FAM) tours, etc., to keep you on top of the latest industry news. Included each month is our Convention Calendar and local Calendar of Events for your staffing and planning purposes.
  • FREE participation in our fully digital Bismarck-Mandan Savings Pass. Included are offers and specials of current BMCVB members, promoted as a free local resource to meeting & convention attendees, visitors and locals.
  • Each Member receives a free listing and link on our website: Each listing includes your address, phone number, description and link to your website. To help build on our success in  growing business to Bismarck-Mandan, please include a reciprocal link to in a prominent location on your web site (i.e. home page, link page or community page.)
  • When planning a trip to the area, trips can encompass a variety of activities. To help make planning easier  we encourage members to collaborate to offer lodging packages at a great value. We are happy to host member travel packages on our website for no additional cost. Additionally, if you are having an event, you are welcome to send it to us, or post it yourself, in the Events Calendar on our site.
  • You’re FIRST with US! Our members are recommended first to customers. Thousands of meeting planners, convention delegates, leisure travelers and locals reach-out through emails and telephone calls every year requesting information and asking for suggestions. We recommend our CVB members to them first.
  • We can also help you reach visitors once they've arrived. We manage our visitor information center at 1600 Burnt Boat Drive in Bismarck to help visitors and locals find what they're looking for, and again, we recommend CVB members first. As a member, if you have print brochures, you are welcome to get them to us for distribution at the visitor center.
  • Share your story. We work with meeting planners and travel writers throughout the year through site inspections and FAM tours. Promote your business by contributing attraction or event tickets, restaurant and retail certificates or other giveaways. Opportunities to be included in media FAM trip itineraries are very popular throughout the summer but occur all year long.
  • After sharing your story, help us amplify it through our relationships with local, regional, national media, bloggers and travel writers. We and our partners promote the Bismarck-Mandan area as a destination of choice for leisure, convention and sports & event media. Be a part of that story by providing the CVB  with information on new openings, milestone anniversaries or unique story ideas related to your business that we can include when we reach out to them.

Additional Benefits:
  • Listing on our Restaurant, Dining and Coffee Shop Guide (based on category)
  • Develop business contacts in the convention/tourism industry on a national and community level
  • Be part of North Dakota’s third largest industry – TOURISM
  • Most importantly, you will help the CVB bring people and groups to our communities who will generate new wealth for our local economy. No matter what your business, these dollars will eventually impact you.
New benefits are always being explored. We continue to work on ways to provide more value, so the list of benefits changes over time, keeping up with new technologies, trends, innovations and opportunities to collaborate.

Join the Bismarck-Mandan Convention and Visitors Bureau, and you can help visitors decide what to see, what to do, and where to spend their money - perhaps at your business. To find out about how membership can benefit your business, call Lacey Dollinger, Visitor Services & Membership Coordinator, at (701) 557-7113 or e-mail her at